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Complete Starter Embroidery System Package

From Just $299/month

Includes everything you need for your embroidery business

You'll get the all new Expert ESP9100 Net as designed by Toyota and all of the accessories (hoops, threads, backing, tools, apparel decorating catalogs and more!). In addition, you'll receive Forte Embroidery Suite Embroidery Software with over 3,900 stock embroidery designs and 250 embroidery fonts.

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Expert ESP9100 NET
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Expert ESP9100 NET

Expert ESP9100 Net as designed by Toyota

The Ultimate Modular with Maximum Versatility

Versatile features and options allow you to meet customer demands

The all new Expert ESP9100 Net as designed by Toyota provides maximum versatility for embriodery applications. Names, corporate logos or designs can be rapidly embroidered on shirts, caps, gloves and more... everything a successful business needs today. And each machine includes a standard five year warranty.


The Expert ESP9100 Net can be configured to fit your production demands and office space availability. The units can be placed together or separate for the best fit in any environment.


Networked modular machines offer greater production speeds (up to 1200 stitches per minute) and more flexibility than traditional multi-head embroidery machines. Allowing you to embroider different jobs at the same time or mass production of one job, saving your company valuable scheduling resources. Also during machine operation when one embroidery head stops, the others keep going, unlike traditional multi-head systems.
• Start with one or two units and add units as your business grows.
• Connect modular machines to computer wirelessly through LAN or with USB or serial port.
• Run different types of jobs at the same time with multiple modular units.


Specialty niche embroidery is the key to success in the U.S. market. Take advantage of the network and modular capabilities of the Expert ESP9100 Net embroidery machine by adding units based on your production needs.

Toyota - 5 Year Warranty

The Expert ESP9100 Net as designed by Toyota is portable enough to go anywhere. Take it to fairs, rodeos, car & boat shows or your favorite market. You have unlimited business applications with the Expert ESP9100 Net. Email our sales department or  click here to request information and find out how success is right around the corner!

Toyota Expert ESP9100 NET
  • Commercial Embroidery Equipment
  • 15 Needle Automatic Color Change Embroidery Machine
  • "FAST CHANGE" 270 Degrees Cap Frame Kit - 2 Cap Hoops, Gauge, Driver
  • Fully-Loaded Easy-to-Use Control Panel
  • Expert Series Stitch Manager Networking Software
  • Network Ready – Network up to 48 units together – “Modular Multi-Head”
  • Wireless Technology – enhances production and efficiency and flexibility
  • Three Ways to Connect – USB, LAN and Serial Port
  • Versatile, Modular, Smart
  • Quiet Operation – Very Low Vibration and High Precision
  • Ergonomically Designed and Safe to Operate
  • Optional Equipment – X – Panta (15 inches by 40 inches sew field, Border Frame (15 inches by 20 inches sew field), Patch Master Patch System
  • Optional Equipment – Cylindrical Arm Kit, Boring Kit, Cording Kit, Carpet Master, Oversized Table Option
  • Five Year Warranty – Standard

Optional X-Panta Border Frame

TOYOTA x-panta machine







Learn more about the X-Panta Border Frame with the Industries Largest sewing field




USB, LAN, and Serial

3 Ways to Connect Three Ways to Connect

Serial Port When the conventional Expert ESP9100 machine networking is already in use, the serial port is useful for adding on an additional Expert ESP9100 Net.

Lan Port Enables networking unlimited machines with Expert Stitch Manager. Enables use of wireless technology and enhances production efficiency and flexiblity. It is required to use Expert Stitch Manager software to use LAN.

USB Port USB technology provides the option to connect a standard USB floppy disk drive or USB memory stick to read the data.

Compact, User Friendly, Safe to Use

Compact, User Friendly, Safe to Use

Good user ergonomics are built into the Expert ESP9100 Net as designed by Toyota. All features are within quick reach of the operator. The control panel tilts for easy viewing. To enhance operator safety, the machine will only operate with the face cover closed.

15 Colors, High Speed, Large Stitch Area

15 Colors, High Speed, Large Stitch Area

Stitch small logos or large jacket back designs at a fast 1200 stitches per minute, with up to 15 colors and automatic thread trimming. New mechatronics technology permits operator to select frame movement speed and needle timing for fine tuning the stitching process.

Accurate Thread Break Sensor

Accurate Thread Break Sensor

Rotary - type thread sensor detects upper and lower thread breaks, automatically stops the machine and sounds an alarm.

Easy Change Over

Easy Change Over

Making change overs from tubular to cap embroidery is easy, fast and smooth. The easy to use cap attachment minimizes downtime so you can respond to customer demands quickly.

Fully Loaded, Easy to use Control Panel

Fully Loaded, Easy to use Control Panel

Simple panel with LCD guide and multi-language display, offers easy embriodery operation including simple editing such as design repeat, rotate, and more. Expert ESP9100 Net allows the operator to resume stitching on a partially completed design after the machine has been turned off.

Quiet Operation - Very Low Vibrations

The Expert ESP9100 Net as designed by Toyota offers a unique belt drive system for the upper and lower shafts, resulting in significantly reduced noise levels. The belt requires no maintenance or lubrication.

Main Unit

Number of Needles: 15 Needles
Sewing Speed: 120 ~ 1,200 Stitches per minute
Stitching Area: 360(Y) x 500(X) mm 14"(Y) x 19.5"(X)
Memory Capacity: 640,000 stitches (or up to 99 designs)
Dimensions: 850(H) x 750(W) x 740(D) mm
Weight: 81 Kg 178.2 lbs
Stitch Length: 0.1 ~ 12.7mm .004" ~ .5"

Power Box

Dimensions: 99(H) x 306(W) x 210(D) mm
Weight: 4 KGs 8.8 lbs
Electricity:  100- 240 VAC (Single-phase)
 Frequency 50 - 60Hz
Power Consumption: 220 Watts
Expert 9100 Embroidery Machine
Toyota - 5 Year Warranty

How good is the Expert ESP9100 Net as designed by Toyota ? Each system includes a standard five-year warranty. It's the best commercial embroidery machine in the business. You'll love what we do for you.

Have you been dreaming about expanding your business, creating unique items, making your customers happier, or starting a new business line? If you have then take heart because the Expert ESP9100 Net is available to assist you in realizing these and many other dreams.

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The Toyota Embroidery System from Pantograms is now powered by the Forté Embroidery Suite Commercial Embroidery Software Programs.

Forté - Embroidery Software

Pantogram’s new Forté Embroidery Suite is a fully loaded embroidery software program that includes lettering, editing, and digitizing capabilities. With all the great user-friendly tools available, you’ll find yourself with more creative options than ever before.

Forté comes in three levels.

FortéLE is a lettering and editing program. FortéID is an intermediate digitizing program, and FortéPD is the advanced professional digitizing program. You choose which level best meets your digitizing needs and budget.

This feature-rich digitizing software expand your Voyager Embroidery Machine's capabilities! With the ability to display vector artwork you can digitize with style and ease. You also have the option to import your vector designs as stitches using the onboard DRAWings Converter. Each level includes more than 250 predigitized fonts in five categories: serif and san serif; vintage; traditional monograms; decorative; and script. The extensive lettering controls make it easy to adjust line spacing, kerning, and word spacing. Or control the character size and width, character angle, paragraph justification, and monogram sizing.


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