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Save time and money by bringing your patch and direct embroidery production

Versatile system for custom logos, name patches and direct embroidery.

Say Goodbye to Outsourcing

Is your embroidery late again? Bring your profits in-house with the first truly versatile system for custom logo, name patches and direct embroidery on virtually any garment. Quickly produce multiple runs with custom embroidery. Placement is simple with the exclusive Pantograms Patchmaster emblem embroidery system making it easy to train an operator to create names and/or import company logos. Rush orders, uncommon names, samples for your sales staff and more can now be embroidered in-house quickly and economically.

Watch how Unifirst uses the PatchMaster
TOYOTA AD 860 Embroidery Machine - 1998 model (10 year old machine running high volume production. Currently Unifirst is operating over 150 late model TOYOTA 9100's and TOYOTA 9000's across the United States and Canada.
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Read about maximizing profits by networking the TOYOTA ESP9100-3

Toyota ESP9100 NET

  1. In-house embroidery ensures on time delivery.
  2. Pantograms easy to use Patchmaster software requires minimal operating skills.
  3. Expert ESP9100 Net as designed by Toyota modular systems offer production speeds (up to 1200 stitches per minute)and more flexibility than traditional multi-head embroidery machines.
  4. Run different types of jobs at the same time with multiple modular units.
  5. During machine operation with the Expert ESP9100 Net as designed by Toyota when one embroidery head stops, the others keep going, unlike traditional multi-head systems.
  6. Start with one or two units and add units as your business grows.
  7. Connect modular machines to computer wirelessly through LAN or with USB or serial port.
  8. The units can be placed together or separate for the best fit in any environment.
  9. Pantograms Mfg. Company has over 40 years of experience in the embroidery industry.
  10. Pantogram’s on-site training, Expert software support, machine support and much more!
Patch Master
Patch Masters

Uniform Identification Made Easy!

The emblem embroidery production system that is used in conjunction with the PatchMaster frame, allows companies to quickly produce mulitple runs of identification patches with distinctive Swiss embroidery. Combine lettering and logos quickly using the same or different scalable lettering styles on each patch. Stitch one patch or a variety on a single set up. Simply use the auto-repeat feature and pre-program the next job. PatchMaster will duplicate the quantity you need then automatically start the next job.


What you see is what you get. Name and logo placement is easy with built-in safety features and error messages. The Expert ESP9100 Net as designed by Toyota modular embroidery machines reduces set-up time by automatically saving numerous patch jobs in memory to be stitched now or later.

PatchMaster PatchMaster PatchMaster

PatchMaster Emblem Embroidery System Special Features

  • More affordable than the traditional zigzag patch systems.
  • TOYOTA quality lets you concentrate on business, not worry about down time.
  • Easily reproduce custom logos as well as name tag lettering, designed for ease of learning and use.
  • High stitch speed, easy set up and quick change holders.
  • Fewer moving machine parts reduces noise levels and maintenance.
  • Match customer logos and lettering accurately.What you see is what you get. Name and logo placement is easy with built-in safety features and error messages.

The TOYOTA ESP9100 NET modular embroidery machines reduces set-up time by automatically saving numerous patch jobs in memory to be stitched now or later.

Let our experts analyze and streamline your current embroidery and personalization production by appling the latest in Pantograms/TOYOTA technology. Pantograms specializes in designing solutions for companies interested in incorporating embroidery production. Whether you are currently producing embroidered goods “IN HOUSE”, outsourcing or considering direct sales, Pantograms is there for you.

Contact our National Uniform Account Manager at 1-800-872-1555 ext.230 to see how keeping embroidery in-house can save you time and money!


We have been using the Toyota Embroidery Machines across all of our locations in North America for almost the last 10 years. These machines have exceeded all of our expectations. The equipment and software are extremely easy for our locations to learn and operate day in and day out. This is due mainly to the excellent setup and training we received from Pantograms on the equipment and software. We use the equipment all day, every day and usually only have the expected preventative maintenance work done on them. On the rare occasion when we do need support Pantograms responds quickly and efficiently to any problem we run into. Overall the whole Toyota Machine package has made our business more efficient and able to respond quickly to any of our customers demands.


Joe O'Rourke
Senior Project Manager
UniFirst Corporation


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